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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Ach, was für ein verwirrtes Gewebe weben wir

I’m sure that was horrible German…don’t ask for my pehperz! Anyway, salve you xkcd fans might remember the brilliant Movie Timelines (for others of you here’s a little taste, approved but you should check out the whole thing, visit srsly) Well, wouldn’t you know it, some brilliant mind came up with a web tool to […]

And in his tiny, childish voice, too.

Now available at The Pleasure Chest: Whore-feo (/and Urine Dykes, generic /in my Underpants) Dildo and Anus Asses and Vag-atea The Magic Glutes Les Huge-nuts The Fucking Butch Man Stiff Fella: ohhhh! The Battered Bride The Girl of the Golden Shower Johnny’s Cock-y Peter Grinds Einstein on the Bitch Dicks in China Yes, buy information […]

They weren’t so much remaindered as downright secondhand….

My plan was so simple. It terrified me.

Antonio Salieri Jake Sullyeri I hope you don’t mind a nightmare or two…..

I didn’t even make a “Guillaume de Walchaut” joke

Tamino where am i? The 3 Ladies just saved this guy’s butt. at least he’s totally cute! 🙂 Tamino totally passed out and woke up next to a dead snake(??) still not the worst date i’ve ever had… Tamino and Papageno are now friends. Tamino changed his location to a country between mountains and valleys […]