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I didn’t even make a “Guillaume de Walchaut” joke

Tamino where am i?

The 3 Ladies just saved this guy’s butt. at least he’s totally cute! 🙂

Tamino totally passed out and woke up next to a dead snake(??) still not the worst date i’ve ever had…

Tamino and Papageno are now friends.

Tamino changed his location to a country between mountains and valleys

Tamino > Papageno hey thanks again for saving me from that serpent
-> Papageno np
-> 3 Ladies oh hell no

The 3 Ladies how do you like that, sickness silly birdman?!

Papageno Hmmmhmmmhmmmmmm!!! 🙁

The 3 Ladies are now friends with Tamino and Papageno.

The 3 Ladies tagged Pamina in a picture.

Tamino likes The Queen of the Night

Tamino > The Queen of the Night can’t wait to meet your daughter!

Tamino likes 1, recipe 000,000 strong against the evil demon Sarastro

Papageno > Tamino Hm hm hm hm hmmm!!1!
-> Tamino wish i could help ya…

The 3 Ladies > Papageno there, happy now?

The 3 Ladies sent a gift to Tamino: A Magic Flute

The 3 Ladies sent a gift to Papageno: Magic Bells

The 3 Ladies suggested Papageno and Tamino add The 3 Boys as a friend.

A Slave tagged Pamina, Monostatos, and 3 others in his note “Pamina escapes!”

Monostatos got ‘er back! but who’s that weird bird dude? ACK!

Papageno and Pamina are now friends.

Pamina what a day – first i escape and now i might be snagging a prince!

Pamina and Papageno like Monogamy

Tamino another mysterious place…..thanks The 3 Boys!

The inspiration, for sale
in case you are more familiar with 13th-century counterpoint than internet memes.

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