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And in his tiny, childish voice, too.

Now available at The Pleasure Chest:

Whore-feo (/and Urine Dykes, generic /in my Underpants)
Dildo and Anus
Asses and Vag-atea
The Magic Glutes
Les Huge-nuts
The Fucking Butch Man
Stiff Fella: ohhhh!
The Battered Bride
The Girl of the Golden Shower
Johnny’s Cock-y
Peter Grinds
Einstein on the Bitch
Dicks in China

Yes, buy information pills some of these only work if you mispronounce the original title; if that’s the only thing you find wrong with this post then you and I should have a talk…
The Atlanta Symphony just changed their logo to purge the Calatrava nonsense from our memories:

Nice, physician
stylish, medical
and fairly classy. But it seemed……vaguely familiar.

Yes! The banner outside of every UCC church (admittedly not too many in Atlanta, prosthesis
but still). So then naturally this came to mind:

I think it has a nice ring to it…..